Exchange Dublin is a not for profit, all-ages collective arts centre. It was founded in June 2009 on collectivist principles, and intended as a reaction to a perceived culture of commercialism and individualism prevalent in Dublin. Since the initial establishment of the space, the project has taken a life of its own with a growing network of over 4,000 people.

There are already established informal networks of creative young people in and around Dublin who are making work with no money, for the love of it. What often stunts this work at a crucial stage is a lack of space to present it, be it a space for music events, exhibitions, meetings etc. If you provide space for these projects in central locations you move the discussions from the suburbs and garages where it can be lost, to the heart of the cultural life and ideas. Space is the fundamental requirement that facilitates people to make work.

Exchange Dublin creates a common public space for cross disciplinary awareness, conversation and action. It is intended to provide an infrastructure for inquiry, discourse and collaboration.

Exchange Dublin is organized nonhierarchically as an open collective and facilitates a wide range of practices. It is located in the heart of Dublin’s “cultural quarter”, Temple Bar and acts as a venue for hosting discussions, performance, dance and music events as well as a gallery and a communal kitchen. All work is voluntary and no one is paid. Exchange Dublin is a non-alcohol space and events are open to people of all ages.

Throughout the twentieth century and into the first decade of the twenty-first, from our universities to our communities and workplaces, a culture of competition has created a society of isolated individuals. We find it difficult to understand our neighbours and our purpose. Exchange Dublin creates a common public space for cross-disciplinary awareness, conversation and action.

Dublin is full of pockets of creative young people, some of whom are aware of each other but have no platform to engage with each other or their city. This space is intended to provide an infrastructure for inquiry, discourse and collaboration as an antidote to some of these problems.

This is a space for new ideas.
This is a space for connections.
This is a space for action.

Exchange, Dublin.