by Forerunner

Commissioned by Rachel Gilbourne and Janice Haugh
For IMMA outdoors 2021

For IMMA Outdoors, a commissioned project, titled Y O U N G F O S S I L, with the collaborative arts practice Forerunner, consisted of bespoke seating and convivial gathering structures on IMMA’s grounds. Forerunner’s projects often play to the inherent use value, aesthetics and evolution of the materials and environments they work with. Embodied in Y O U N G F O S S I L’s materiality and making-process is a prompt for wider discussions relating to the politics of housing, ecology, consumption and the environment. From the millions of years it takes for fossilisation to occur to the 25-year lifespan of modern dwellings, Forerunner’s work criticises notions of material permanence.

Y O U N G F O S S I L will also function as a modest domestic space, constructed when all the seating and gathering structures are assembled together, and as such it holds a promise of future potentiality or entwicklungsfähighkeit. Y O U N G F O S S I L is built with a visionary adaptability to our current condition.

The collective Forerunner was founded by Tanad Aaron, Andreas Kindler von Knobloch and Tom Watt in 2016. With Y O U N G F O S S I L, the collective expands beyond the founder members to feature artist additions to the seating structures by David Lunney, Liliane Puthod, and Daniel Tuomey. Upcoming live performances, or gestures, across IMMA’s grounds will feature artists Stéphane Béna Hanly, Fiona Gannon, and Matthew Lenkiewicz.

This project is made possible with the support of the Public Service Innovation Fund. Presented with the kind support of OPW.